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By: Ellie Cooper

As we approach the Memorial Day holiday, we wanted to celebrate the American spirit by honoring the great people of this land that have fought for our freedom. As a company, we are thankful that we have the ability to embrace entrepreneurial opportunities and pursue our individual goals. We are honored that men and women serve our country everyday so we have the ability to embrace these freedoms and are personally grateful to our brothers, nephews and husbands that have or are currently serving.

When TreadBands™ began, we wanted to develop a product that looked at headbands from all angles. We looked at tires for inspiration and developed our patent pending TreadGripStrip™ that keeps our headbands from slipping. We embraced the technology from 3M when we added our reflective icon to the front of our headbands to add an element of safety. And we committed to not only making our product made in America, but specifically designed to be assembled in our home state by the hard working people of Pennsylvania.

During the long hot summer days of 2015 when TreadBands™ was developing we asked ourselves what kind of company we wanted to be. What would be our core values? We easily answered this question with one answer – People. People would be at the heart of what we are about. From the people that wear our headbands for all kinds of reasons – outdoors, running, sports or a quick trip to the store. To the development of the product to fit different head shapes and hair types by using different fabrics and patterns, we developed TreadBands™ to be about you. So we asked ourselves - How could we be about the people if our product was developed overseas, where would our integrity be?

In the beginning, we looked at sewing factories in TN, NC, NY and CA – all too far to have a hands-on approach to ensure we developed the correct patterns. Determined to make Pennsylvania the homestead where every element of our product was cut, sewn, and assembled we pushed on. By fall of 2015 after hours and hours of conversations, meetings and what seemed impossible - we are proud to say that TreadBands™ are not only made in the USA but the packaging is made in Pennsylvania, our designs are sublimated in Pennsylvania and our product is cut, sewn and assembled in Pennsylvania. So THANK YOU to the men and women who have fought to uphold our great nation. Thank you to our family members and friends who have served to protect our freedom. We salute you by being an American made company.  

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