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School is out. Let the adventure begin! Its great to see that Slip'N Slides haven’t gone out of fashion and days spent at the summer pool or snowball shack aren’t long gone. Summer is a time to explore and where adventure begins as a child.

If you need an excuse for an adventure, here are our top 10 ten must do's of the summer:

10. Eat Crabs - Okay, so we are a PA based company but the majority of us live in MD, where we have crazy flag pride and eat crabs in the summer. If you’re anywhere near the mid-Atlantic states this summer, find a crab shack, friends, cold beer and leave yourself 3-4 hours to eat and talk.

9. Slip'N Slide - Jump into a Target and purchase an official Slip'N Slide, place in your yard, run water over it, completely lather yourself in dish soap,
run, jump and S-L-I-D-EEEEEEE.

8. Water Hose Fight - Our family is so competitive that the task of giving the dog a bath can suddenly turn into an all-out war of the hose. There is definitely one day of summer that must be dedicated to the entire family getting wet with the hose, even the unwilling ones.

7. S’mores - There is something adventurous about an open fire and the task of getting chocolate and semi charred marshmallow onto a graham cracker
that makes summer complete.

5. Fishing - Grab your pole, friends, pack a lunch and head out to find your favorite fishing hole. Whether its catch and release or you're out trying to lure in the family dinner, there aren't many better ways to spend a day outside.

4. Visit an Orchard - A trip to the local orchard during pick-your-own strawberry, raspberry or blueberry seasons can be rewarding. Go a step further and turn your pickings into something amazing like jelly or a pie.

2. Go to a Concert - In 2014 it was the Katy Perry tour, last year it was Taylor Swift, this year it’s Justin Bieber or the Dixie Chicks that are topping the summer concert series. Whatever your taste in music, find a festival, friends and go see a show!

1. Beach / Water Park - Of course the summer has to include a trip to the beach, lake or water park. Dust off your beach chair, pull out your swim suit, don’t forget the sunscreen and make a day of it. Use those vacation days!

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