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About Us



We challenged ourselves to think outside the box when we developed TREADBANDS.

We looked into every headband that claimed to be “guaranteed” to work, “guaranteed not to slip” and were disappointed. We felt like silicone got tangled in our hair and ultimately slipped, headbands with velvet interiors didn't absorb sweat, poly/spandex and cotton headbands slid right off. So, we started thinking differently. What other products claim not to slip and help prevent sliding? TIRES of course!

We studied the geometry of tread, we studied how tread works and developed: TreadGripStrip, a grip strip that mirrored a tire but was made of a soft material that cushioned the head. We tested our theory and put the idea to work. We received rave reviews from team sports and hard core athletes.

We traveled the country in search of the perfect fabric to combine with our TreadGripStrip and teamed up with superior manufacturers to use soft ring spun poly/spandex with high amounts of spandex in the fabric to help hold the shape of a headband throughout continued use.

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