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Ambassador Terms & Conditions


  • Ambassadors must be legal citizens of the U.S. or Canada.
  • Ambassadors must be 14 years of age or older.
  • TreadBands™ has 10 business days to deliver a prize/reward to ambassador.
  • TreadBands™ has the right to deny applications and remove ambassadors from the program at any given time if TreadBands feels the Ambassador is not upholding the brand standards or representing TreadBands™ in a positive light. 
  • TreadBands™ has the right to change/edit the rewards program at any given time.
  • Once the Terms and Agreements are agreed to, the ambassador is responsible for posting one social media post per month on Instagram or Facebook pertaining to TreadBands™. A post would feature a TreadBand™; the product being worn or as a product shot. It is the responsibility of the ambassador to “tag” TreadBands™ in the photo and use acceptable hashatags such as #treadbands, #treadventure, #treadbandswork, #treadbandambassador
  • You MUST sen the link to your post or a screen shot to Stories will only count toward this requirement if they are sent to us directly via email.
  • TreadBands™ hjas the right to repost any photo or video content they are tagged in.
  • After completing a monthly post, the ambassador must email an link to the post to
  • If an Ambassador misses a monthly social media post, the ambassador will receive a reminder email. If any consecutive months are missed after the reminder, they will be removed from the program making them ineligible for future rewards and their code will be deactivated.
  • A “code use” is determined by the number of orders generated, one order equals one “code use”. Rewards are determined on the number of “code uses” or orders generated. “Code Uses” are not counted towards the # of pieces sold but the as an entire order.

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